My Pocket Altar

My Pocket Altar

I was looking around at various different things and I came across an article from a fellow Druid about pocket Altars, the idea appealed to me as something I could keep in my crane bag so I got to work and put one together, this is what it is all about.

First I found a nice box that I could use for my pocket altar and this one fitted the bill

This was a nice little box I picked up on Ebay, I originally intended to use it for storing my Tarot cards but it was just perfect for turning into my pocket altar.

Inside My Altar Kit

First of all in the lid you will see a small altar cloth that I picked up a while ago.  I then looked at what I would want if I was out and about and wanted to set up an altar.

In the lower section you will see the following 

In the two small viles with orange lids I keep my moon water, I refresh this every month once I have made new, this is for consecrating my circle when I open it but also is for the West Quarter for the element of Water.

I then have a small tea light, I actually have two in here one for the centre of my circle and the other to place in the South Quarter for the element of Fire.

I have a feather that was gifted to me one day while out walking, this I use in the East Quarter for the element of Air

I then have my stone that I picked up from Avebury on a trip there, this serves two purposes, one I use it when I meditate if I am out and about, secondly I place it to the North of my circle for the element of Earth.

I also have my incense cones, a small acorn that was also gifted to me while out walking and at the very bottom I have a bag containing Vervain which I use as offerings when I receive a gift, I also occasionally burn it on my incense burner.

Not shown in this picture I have 8 small pebbles that I have marked up with the symbols for the Sabbats that I place around the circle also.

The Symbols

I have painted the symbols that I use for the elements onto these little stones, North I have Earth, East I have Air, South I have Fire and West I have Water.

The intermediate symbols represent Imbolc, Beltaine, Lughnasadh and Samhain

I place these around where I am working during my rituals

Dedicating My Pocket Altar

As my Altar is one of my sacred tools I perfom a small dedication to its use.

For this I smoke cleanse every item I put inside the box as well as the box itself, as I cleanse the items, I ask for the spirits of place, my ancestors and the elements of the quarters to bless the items.