Handfasting Ritual

One part of my Journey that I particularly enjoyed was the uniting of two dear friends in a handfasting ceremony.  They had their traditional wedding but wanted something special that they could have for themselves, something that they could remember as being different and unique.

They approached me and asked if I would like to do it for them, obviously I agreed, who wouldn't they are such a lovely couple and so well suited.  I felt humbled as I hadn't known them that long personally, although they had been known to my son and his wife for more years than I can remember.

The Ceremony itself was a small and intimate one, the venue was the front garden of my sons house in a small quiet village.

The ceremony itself was tailored, as should be, purely for the two of them.  

The love and bond between these two lovely people was so obvious from the very moment I saw them, an amazing couple and very keen to have a ceremony based on the old ways to compliment their traditional wedding without all the fuss and stress that goes with it.  They were so relaxed and just enjoyed the moment which was for them, and them alone.  They were what this day was all about and that is what it should be about the precious gift of joining as one.

The ceremony was started by creating a sacred space for them, one in which they would be protected from all negativity.

I formally introduced myself to them and welcomed the few guests that they wanted to have with them on their special day.

Once the circle had been cast and the concecrated with water and fire (burning sage and lavender as there were young people around) they were invited in and to take thei place in front of the altar.

Intentions were made by calling for peace in all quarters and they were asked if they still wanted to proceed with the ceremony.

The ceremony was then ready to start.  (I will only add sections of the ceremony to this page as it was personal to them and as such should remain so) 

We gather here today in peace to witness the Rite of Handfasting between JESS and JACK who ask for your blessing on this joyful occasion.

Life possesses meaning through Love.

Love of one’s partner,

Love of family,

Love of all things in the Natural World.

Love enriches us all. It is the reason for peace in the family and the peace of all peoples and all things of the Earth.

The Love between two people is the most beautiful and most perfect of all the human experiences of Life.

And so, our intent is now woven here in this to join together JESS and JACK in love and commitment to each other. 


And now let us welcome the Earth Mother, the Sky Father, the Spirits of this Place and our revered Ancestors to our Circle.

Earth Mother, Lady of fertility, we ask you to be with us today. You are called by many names. Maiden, full of life and innocence, Mother, blooming and nourishing with your loving care, Crone, wise in the ways of all things, Lady come to us, let us feel your love, open our minds and eyes, let our ears hear, give us wisdom to understand the new steps we take this day.

Welcome Earth Mother into our Circle. Blessed be. 


Sky Father, fiery youth full of strength, Lover, consort, we call to you, fill our bodies with your life-giving power, strengthen us now as we take new steps forward, come amongst us Lord and fire us with your passion and energy.

Welcome Sky Father into our Circle. Blessed be.


Gentle Spirits of this place, we feel your loving presence and ask you now to watch over us as we hold this Handfasting ceremony in your beautiful home and we bless you for sharing your gifts of this place with us. 

Welcome Spirits of this Place into our Circle. Blessed be.


Revered ancestors, we ask you to join us today and share with us the joy and happiness of this Handfasting celebration. Come join us and stand with us; allow us to feel your presence. We, your kin of blood and family, of clan and line, are honoured to be here with you. 

Welcome Ancestors into our Circle. Blessed be.


The ceremony was then performed with the couple exchanging their own personal vows to each other.

As in ancient times, so do we today bind the hands of the Bride and Groom in the presence of their loved ones in Handfasting, which is a true and binding marriage, as love binds one heart to another.


At the altar, their hands are tied with the binding cord.


Let the Earth Mother, the Sky Father, the Spirits of this place and of the Quarters and Elements, the Ancestors and all gathered here today bear witness that these two people are now bound together in love and in trust as Husband and Wife. So may it be!


Let your vows be sealed with a kiss. The couple kiss.

My own Blessing, and the Blessings of all those assembled here be with you now and for ever.

Handfasting Blessing


May the light of love and devotion shine brightly in your hearts May the light of understanding shine clearly in your minds May the light of harmony be forever in your home

May the light of peace shine forth from your beings

May the light of your presence bring love and peace to all Where-ever you may go

(the cord is then removed in such a way as the knot remains connecting them eternally)

Now you will feel no rain, for each will shelter the other Now you will feel no cold, for each will warm the other

Now you will feel no solitude for each will company the other Now you are two persons but both will lead one life

Go now to your home to begin the days of your life together And may your days be good and long upon the Earth

And in another time and place

May you meet again, know and love again Throughout eternity.

The ceremony was then complete, thanks were given to the spirits and ancestors that joined us for this special day, the Earth Mother and Sky Father were given thanks for attending the ceremony and the circle was uncast.

That left just one thing remaining


FINALLY, HOWEVER ... there is one time-honoured tradition we will now ask JESS and JACK to enact, if they will:

The jumping of the broom!


In times of old, at the end of their handfasting, the couple would jump over the besom broom, a symbol of entering eagerly and fully into their new lives together. Then they would run off deep into the woods.................................................. to

make passionate love in the wild! (I leave it entirely up to JESS and JACK to decide how they want to play THAT one!)


But let’s make plenty of noise, now, to see them over the broomstick ...!!!

The couple now joined to be together forever and always.