Beltain Ritual

My Solo Beltain Ritual 


I began by starting my fast from Sundown on April 29th, during my fasting I only drank water as I can suffer really badly from migraines. I started my ritual by waking up on Beltane eve at 5am as usual to conduct my 30-minute daily meditation, I have been doing this now for many years. I then spent the majority of my day gardening to keep me grounded for the night ahead. During my time in the garden, I was visited by many birds who seem quite comfortable now with me and come close when I am out there especially a juvenile Magpie that has befriended me.

I had a bath which contained a few drops of my recently prepared moon water including sage, mugwort, thyme and lavender. I cleansed myself fully before starting my vigil. I again meditated for about 30 mins, this time following a shamanic guided journey to the akashic field which I have been undertaking now for the past few months.

I drove to Pitstone Hill where I was to do my night vigil, I parked in the carpark and walked up the hill, it was a calm still night with very little lighting, the weather was cloudy but very mild. I started by sitting quietly on the hill taking in my surroundings the air was still and the silence dominated the whole space all but for the occasional cry of a fox as it journeyed through the night. I meditated on my intentions and what I wanted to accomplish from this vigil. I always carry with me a piece of stone that I found on the pathway at Avebury, I use this as my focus point every time I meditate. It is a beautiful piece of stone (well it is to me anyway) which sits nicely in the palm of my hand. I meditated for a good hour taking in the silence of the night, the wind was gentle causing a slight rustling to the leaves of the trees that were below where I was sitting.

I started to feel sleepy at around 1am so took that opportunity to walk around the hilltop banging my drum and singing out loud, (there was no chance of disturbing anyone due to my location so really belted out some Damh the Bard songs).

I continued to hear the solitary fox as I prepared myself for a solo ritual for Beltane that I was going to include in my night vigil.

I started initially by setting gel burners at each quarter with a central one for my orientation. (I used gel burners as the flames were more resistant to the weather as well as it being safer due to the dry weather we have been having) I stood at the centre of my circle and chanted Awen 3 times to the east with my hands held aloft, I then went to the eastern point of my circle raised my hands to the sky and asked for peace to the east, I repeated this at all four quarters before returning to the centre of my circle asking for peace throughout the world. I meditated for a short while at each quarter sending my energy out in the direction I was facing.

I chanted Awen another three times at this point, I then took three deep breaths my first for the ground beneath my feet, the second for the sky above my head and then the third for the seas and rivers surrounding me.

I took my moon water and walked consecrating the perimeter of my circle, I did the same with my sage consecrating my circle with fire and water.

I opened my four quarters asking the spirits to protect and guide me while the circle was opened, I went to the centre of my now opened circle and asked the spirits and my ancestors of the place to guide and protect me during my ritual.

I sat down at the western edge of my circle looking eastwards and burned mug wort incense as I went into a deep meditation, during my meditation I went deeper than I had for a long time which I can only assume was down to my location and the complete isolation I was experiencing. I remember seeing a cloudy sky and as I looked at the clouds they swirled for a while as they opened in a perfect circle starting small and increasing in size the more I concentrated on it, I felt myself moving closer to the hole in the clouds through which I could see stars I travelled up through the hole and into the starry sky almost suspended there not moving, after what seemed like hours, ( though in reality it was only about 50 minutes ) I started to sink back through the hole travelling back down to the hill. I sat for a while thinking about what I had just experienced and took another deep breath before opening my eyes.

I heard the sound of a solitary skylark and as I looked up I could see him flying in the sky above my circle, I felt a strange calm inside.

I then proceeded to close my circle.

I stood there once more on the hill it was now 4:45 am and chanted three more awens whilst banging my drum.

I had a really good night and I felt a strong spiritual presence that set me at peace.