Meditation Part 3

Journeying to the Akashic Field


Hello my fellow travellers

I want to tell you about the last type of meditation I do, this one is relatively new to me, it only really started to come about when I moved on to the Druid stage of my journey, through the other two stages of my path I had mostly been meditating as I have said in my previous blogs.

I started to look at Shamanic Journeying, as I said it isn't something I had done before so was slightly nervous as to the feelings I may get from it. I started to read about Shamanism and the differing views on it and how various forms of this appears in different cultures. I read books and started to look at the way it works, the one thing I was getting from everything though was the drumming side of this. I started to listen to Shamanic drumming with the sole purpose of learning how to journey and was surprised how relaxing and yet intense it was at the same.

I was told about a book as part of my reading list on my Druid course, I went and bought it and so glad I did it is a really good book, it is called "The Druid Shaman" by Danu Forest, she is one of my favourite writers I have discovered since starting to follow my path and I have several books of hers, I am hoping to start adding a book list on my website of the books I have and have read while walking the path of a Druid. I have read her book and although not a really long book it is very consise with exercises in to do as you travel through the pages.

Back to the journeying, I listened to a couple of different guided journey's on you tube as it is so hard initially to try and concentrate on drumming while doing everything else, I found a particularly good one which I started to listen to as I started on my journeying. It was a very monotenous drum beat which helped me to focus, the more I listened to the drumming the more I started to drift away, the guide talked you through to a place called the Akashic Field which is the place you go to to help you discover your guides.

Danu's book is really good at discussing the guides and the different ways of finding them, and exercises on how to get to where you need to be. As with all things this is not an instant thing and needs to be practised and repeated, the guides may not show themselves to you first time or even second time but be sure that there are watching you to help you achieve this goal.

I have now been practising this for quite a few months now and just love the way the drums lead your mind. I am by no means an expert in this but would highly recommend trying it if you can.

Thats all I am going to do on meditation for a while as it pretty much covers everything I do and try.

This is only a short blog this time as I have been so busy with work. I will be trying to update my blog at least once a week. If there is anything you want me to talk about let me know.

Stay well friends, as always I will finish off with one of my poems this one is called, "Stone Circle"



Against a stone I came to rest

T’was early in the day

It sheltered me from blowing winds

That came from skies of grey

I saw the stones a circle formed

Upon a grassy mound

And there I stayed a little while

As in them peace I found

I watched the sun rise in the east

As shadows quickly grew

Flowers opened all around

To start the day anew

The stones they stood majestically

As they had done for years

Showing signs of battles past

Stained with blood and tears

I gently placed my hands on them

To touch they were so cold

I felt their flowing energy

That came from days of old

I stood and walked the circle round

Each stone a different size

All facing to the centre

Where a single stone now lies

And when the sun is at its peak

And shadows disappear

A beam of light falls on this stone

Just like a single tear

I watched the sun move overhead

That slowly ends the day

and there upon the grass so soft

my head I gently lay

to sleep amongst the standing stones

that protect me through the night

keeping watch from high above

till dawns first shining light

And still, they stand for all to see

Atop the grassy mound

Protecting all who enter in

And lay upon the ground


Until the next time my fellow travellers stay safe

Blessed Be /|\