The Beginning

Where it all began

In a time unknown to me my life as a Druid began, I was unaware of this at the time as many moons would pass before I found my way back onto the path.......................... my way back home.

Let me start at the beginning, or at least the beginning I am aware of. It was a warm summers day, I found myself sitting beneath a tree in the middle of nowhere, in my little bag I had made some sandwiches to help me along my journey, a small bottle of juice sitting next to them and my favourite toy packed inside as well. How did I get here? Well, I sneaked out of the caravan we were staying in, chose a direction to walk and started to walk. I was six years old and had no fear about where I was going and no idea of the consequences of my actions all I wanted to do was walk and be outside amongst the trees and the animals.

I walked all day sitting beneath the trees eating my food and watching the birds in the sky, the sun was getting higher in the sky and the deafening sound of silence filled my ears, the only noises I wanted to hear was the rustling of the leaves in the cool summer breeze, the chorus of birds singing overhead as they flitted from tree to tree and the distant sound of a small stream as it gently travelled along its course. I lay back on the grass, closing my eyes listening to these sounds that mother earth shared with me.

This was my earliest memory of what I now know as my druid path, though at the time it was just a day out doing what I wanted without a care in the world. I wandered all day until the sun started to get lower in the sky, as I headed back to the caravan I knew that I was soon to hear the bellowing of the grown ups but did I care? Well at that moment no and in all honesty when I finally arrived and took a large telling off I still didn't mind as I had within me a sense of where I knew I belonged.

The years passed, deep inside, this very first experience kept me sane when all around me wasn't really making sense, it became my special place, little did I know what a profound effect it would eventually have on my life.

As a Druid, I now look back through my years walking this beautiful land and realise how lucky I am to share this place from the moment I wake and take my first morning breath, to the time when my body requires rest and I close my eyes deep in the knowledge that it will be there when I awake.

Through my years of wandering I have been inspired, both by my journey and the encounters I have made along this wonderous path, I write of these and would like to share them as we journey together. My first I would like to share with you is called "A Druids Journey"


Through half closed eyes he looked beyond

The rising morning sun

Then but with a single step

His journey had begun

Between the gently flowing stream

And over hanging trees

The man in robes now headed east

To learn from all he sees

He heard the singing of the birds

And rutting of the stag

He walked with wooden staff in hand

And simple canvas bag

He travelled through day and into night

To find a place to rest

And there upon the ground he laid

As mother nature’s guest.

He laid amongst the roots of trees

And watched the birds in flight

He hoped to learn what they had seen

As they danced in dimming light

He wrote of things that made him smile

And things that made him sad

Of setting suns and shining moons

And memories he had

He tells the tales of what he knows

In poetry and song

And sings of all the things he sees

some right and sometimes wrong

At night he dreams of days now gone

As he lays ‘neath darkened sky

Awakened early by the birds

That gently past him fly

As days and months turned into years

His journey shows no end

In solitude he wanders on

With nature for his friend


Well my dear friends I hope you have enjoyed the start of my journey, I hope to share more and more with you as we walk this wild and beautiful path together.

Blessed Be  /|\