A New Year Begins

Hello my fellow travellers of the old ways.  Well here we are at the beginning of a New year, we have felt the change as the wheel turned last month, the Holly King surrendered his crown to the Oak King who will now lead us in to the lighter half of the year.  The days although getting colder will also start to gradually get longer.

Last year, particularly towards the final few months got extremely busy for me and although my spiritual practice continued and my journey as a Druid kept me going, I was unable to share as much as I wanted as the time seemed to run away from me with more to do and less time to do it in.  The weirdest thing though was I was actually getting to spend more time with nature which was a bonus, our new little doggy person is a great lover of the woods and therefore every time we took him out we spent time amongst the trees.  What a bonus that was.  This in turn gave me inspiration and I wrote more poetry, this was fitted in with my train journeys to and from sites in London, well there isn’t anything else to do on trains so why not.

I got to thinking about my journey as a Druid and what it actually meant to me, I spent time reflecting on what I had done, what I was hoping to do and how I was going to do it.  To me being a Druid isn’t just saying I am a Druid and leaving it there, I look at it as a way of life, sometimes things go well and sometimes they don’t but the one thing that always remains constant is my belief and my love for mother nature.  I guess I am lucky as I have a partner who, although not a Druid herself, is a pagan and a witch, this means that we can talk about things openly and not worry if they sound silly, I can bounce ideas off of her and we share views, our paths although different in certain aspects also have similarities, and this is what got me thinking.  Throughout my journey I have always known I wanted to share what I have learnt with others, I’m no teacher and to be honest there are people out there who know far more than me, but that doesn’t mean I have to be quiet, (for those who actually know me you will know that being quiet is not what I am known for).  I have friends who, for whatever reason, cant openly express their beliefs or their journeys and in this day and age I think it is awful.  The small group I have on Facebook as well as this blog is like a little haven where we can all discuss and talk about things that we can’t usually mention, and I hope it continues to grow like that so we can share more with each other.  I digress (another of my traits, going off at a tangent all the time)

So, this year I want to do things I never thought I could do, and I want to share them all with you.  My first thought was thinking of a way I could connect with you all in a more personal way, I talk about my journey on here and in the group but its not always that easy to experience it as I would like to so I am going to start working on a YouTube channel, this is such a daunting prospect, but don’t worry I will be behind the camera the majority of the time so I don’t scare anyone away.  I want to do this to take those of you who can’t get out into the woods into the woods with me, I want to share with you the places I call home and possibly read you my poems and share a brew outdoors with you.  I would like to video some of the ceremonies I do (possibly if that is of interest) with you.  I have been looking at video editing over the yule break and might even try to do that to make the videos more compact.  I would like to also take you maybe on some woodland meditations where, although we are spread across the planet, we can all come together for a little while.  It may not work out, but if I don’t try, I will never know.  I would love to hear from you to let me know what you think.

I have also recently done some training in Forest Bathing, (Shinrin Yoku) and is something I want to develop to get more people out into nature to actually experience it properly, lots of people walk through the woods without actually noticing anything, as a Druid I have a great affinity with trees and want to share this with others and let them see the wonders that surround them.  I did some of this during a week I took off in early December, I just went and sat in the woods on my own with my camping stove (obviously a nice warm drink is very important) and a note book, it was amazing how many people walked passed me looking confused or thinking I was a bird watcher, some people nervously asked what I was doing before quickly scurrying off others asked if I had spotted anything interesting, my reply to this was “just take a look around you”.  Everybody these days are in such a rush and don’t know how to actually sit in silence and just listen and look and feel.  I made good friends with this Beech Tree and went to spend time with him, it was an amazing experience one which I will not forget.  I did the usual introduction and waited for acceptance then I approached him, placed my hands on its trunk then leaned in towards it placing my forehead against him, I felt this tremendous energy, as I closed my eyes it almost felt like I was being taken back in time it was incredible to feel but hard to put into words.

I am also continuing my studies with herbs and herbal medicines which all came about from my Ovate grade, I have always been interested in herbs etc. but as with all things never really paid too much attention to the why’s and wherefores’.  This again is another part of my journey I would like to share with you all.

I passed my celebrancy course and my Tree Lore and Ogham course, I am also, this year looking to learn more and study Natural, Ancient, Druid and Wild Magic all of which I will share what I have learnt with you all, its fascinating how people conceive magic, most look on it as card tricks or sawing a woman in half (something I know my wife wouldn't be a part of) as I have started to look at it, it has changed my perceptions.

I am so excited to see what this new year brings and I hope I get to meet more and more interesting people who I can exchange knowledge with.

This is only a short blog to initially get me started again and hopefully, all being well, will be the first of many.  I still have the Ogham I want to write about on a blog that I mentioned a while ago.  I have also slightly changed the layout to the website too, I have now moved all of the old blogs to a separate page called “PREVIOUS MUSINGS” so if you want to go back and look at any of the older ones, they are all still there.

Now, without any more ramblings I want to share my latest poem with you, I wrote it around towards the end of last year, I was talking to some people about the last Druid stand during the Roman invasion which took place on the sacred Isle of Anglesey, I looked into it as much as possible and came up with this little poem and I really hope you like it, it is called “The Battle of Mona”


The Battle of Mona


I stand on the cliff

Looking out ‘cross the sea

I see there an Island

That’s calling to me


It is not familiar

Nor somewhere I know

But I feel in my heart

It’s a place I must go


I cross over the Straits

And land on the shore

I then get the feeling

I’ve been here before


I wander around

To a circle of stone

Although no ones with me

I don’t feel alone


I sit down among them

slowly closing my eyes

as I feel all around me

my ancestors rise


A line of Druids

women in black

Screaming like furies

Warding off an attack


I feel my heart beating

When out of the sea

Soldiers on horses

Charging straight towards me


Opposing the landing

Were warriors brave

With Druids and Furies

Their Island to save


The onslaught of battle

The visions so real

Each ancestor cut down

Their pain I could feel


The air filled with smoke

The heat of the fire

As the soldiers moved forward

Their bodies piled higher


My heart filled with sadness

And burning with pain

A tear in my eye

For each ancestor slain


Then suddenly silence

The smoke was no more

I didn’t hear screaming

No death Raven’s caw


I open my eyes

To the sun shining bright

The stones still surround me

The birds taking flight


I sit a while longer

On this sacred ground

Where once I had fought

On the island I found


The battlefield gone

No evidence clear

Of the Druids and Furies

That gave their lives here


A moment in history

A tale from old

To share with your children

On nights dark and cold


But to me it’s a time

I will hold in my heart

The sacrifice made

So my journey could start


So now when I stand

Looking out ‘cross the sea

The island that’s there

Will now be part of me


Take care my friends see you all again very soon I hope.

Blessed Be /|\