My Daily Ritual

My Daily Ritual 

I always welcome in the start of everyday with a small but important solo ritual. It is my way of welcoming the Sun at the start of the day and giving thanks to all we have and will have.

I wake about 5am and go into the garden

Standing barefoot on the grass I face the East 

the direction of the sunrise

I stand in silence looking towards the sun

I take 3 deep breaths

1 for the earth beneath my feet

1 for the sky above me

1 for the seas and rivers that surround me

I give thanks to the moon for looking after the earth while we sleep

I raise my arms into the air and give thanks for the sun rising this morning

I give thanks for the birds, the trees and all of Mother Earths gifts that we will have with us throughout the day

Still facing East I then sit upon the grass and meditate in silence focusing on the day ahead of me putting me in the right frame of mind for everything life will throw at me. 

I find if I start the day positively it will keep me sane when the world goes crazy around me.

I meditate for about 20 mins then take 3 deep breaths and lay back on the grass to completely ground myself.

Doing this every morning makes me feel refreshed and at one with my existance on this planet.

At the very end of the day before I go to sleep I again go into the garden and and give thanks for my day and have a few quiet words with the moon and bathe in her magical light which eases my mind before I close my eyes for the night